Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kenny Rogers Roasters~

My family and I went to Kenny Rogers Roasters at Jusco, Ayer Keroh for dinner!!
This is my first time having dinner at Kenny Rogers!!
Thanks to my mum's Jusco coupon~
I really enjoy the meal!!
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Me and my chocolate muffin!!

My brother and his chicken~

My dad, with his professional pose again~ >.<

Enjoying our dinner~

The sad case is,
my brother had stomachache half way through his meal...
Maybe because we ate too late or he had too much exercise before meal...
So half of his chicken was wasted... =(
Hope that he won't have anymore stomachache...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Back In Melaka Once More~

I'M BACK~!!!

Back to my comfortable home~
My comfortable room~
My comfortable bed~
My favourite spot where i use my laptop~
Everything that I'm familiar with~
Nothing is better than home~
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Today my classes started at 8am...
I woke up a bit too early, 6am... =.=
In the end I get really tired during lessons,
and the lessons are kind of boring because most of the things I learned in Form 5...

Lessons ended at 12.45pm...
Around 5.30pm,
Steph got back from work and we followed her back to Melaka~
You know what???
She drove so fast on the highway!!
We reached Sungai Besi toll at 6.50pm due to traffic jam...
By 8.10pm we are already back in Melaka!!
Even though she slowed down at Seremban due to heavy traffic!!
2 hours journey shortened to 1 hours 20 minutes is not a good news to my parents...
They even asked me to remind Steph not to drive so fast on the highway next time...

I'm safely back home now...
And I'm only going back to KL on Monday thanks to Labours' Day~
So time to enjoy my weekend~
Wish all of you out there enjoy your weekend too!! =)

By the way,
congrats to Prince William and Kate!!
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 The royal wedding!!

p/s: Picture's from the web!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back in KL...

24th April:
After 2 nights of good sleep on my comfortable bed,
and 2 days of internet,
here I am back in PJ... =(

Joyee and Joanne brought an old TV from their house to PJ...
With a DVD player...
But we don't know how to adjust the settings for the TV,
and the remote controller is missing,
so it's pointless... =.=
Unless we have DVD to watch...
Anyway we most probably won't have the time to watch...

Steph finally moved in today!!
So we are now a family of six...
Jessie will be moving in much later...
The good thing is Steph have a broadband!!
So I got to use it for a while...
But I can't borrow hers forever...
Hopefully the TM workers will come to fix a phone line as soon as possible...
I want my facebook!! >.<

25th April:
I slept in again today,
because my class only started at 2.45pm...
We went to Sunway around 1.30pm to activate our Sunway username,
so that next time we can use their computers in the library and the computer learning centre (CLC)...
We also need our username to use internet in the campus if we bring along our laptops...
So maybe tomorrow I will bring my laptop to college... =)

26th April:
Today, again,
I woke up with a nightmare...
I don't know why I can't sleep well in the past two days...
Please, no more nightmare tomorrow...
I can't take it anymore...

After 2 hours of class around 4.15pm,
We went to Sunway College South Building to access their internet with my laptop...

I successfully logged in to my facebook account,
just to found out I can't access my facebook games because it is restricted by Sunway internet domain!!
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Which means I still have to borrow Steph's broadband.... =(

After that,
Joyee signed in to Sunway izone website to change her account password,
since she had problem keying her desired password when we activate our username...
After she logged in,
the FAQ says that she has to log in the computers in the CLC to change her password... =.=
How troublesome!!

we finally had some actual homework today!!
Which are not multiple-choice-questions (MCQ)!!
Ms Ang asked us to do Statement of Comprehensive Income (Penyata Pendapatan) and Statement of Financial Position (Kunci Kira-kira)!!
Of course we finished those homework already~

27th April:
A very very unlucky day...
In the morning I woke up with bad dreams again... =(
When I reached Sunway,
my stomach upset and I had diarrhoea...
Tortured by stomachache throughout 2 hours of my lecture...
Definitely not my favourite day...
Thus I too have no mood to write my blog...
Besides I have some homework and revision waiting for me...
Things are getting busier starting from this week...

28th April:
Today we had no class,
so we stayed at home to do some revision...
And I bought a bank draft from the nearest Maybank for my ACCA registration...

After that,
we went to fetch Joanne from MAHSA College and had lunch...
Then we went to CIMB Bank for Joanne's PTPTN loan stuff,
and Public Bank for Joyee's bank draft...
Her bank draft is slightly more expensive than mine because the Sterling exchange rate has increased...

we went home to get some of our stuff,
and out to SS2 Mc Donald's to c online!!!
So here I am now...
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Tomorrow I an having classes in the morning...
Which means I need sufficient sleep tonight...
And in the evening I will be going home!!
Can't wait for tomorrow... =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home~

I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
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For your information,
I was in K.L. studying my CAT (Certified Accounting Technician)...
My CAT classes have started since 18th April...
The sad thing is,
there was no internet at the house I'm staying...
So I can't come online to blog, to facebook, to chat, to play online games, to look up the new words from my CAT syllabus, etc, etc....

But I'm now home for the weekend!!
Just to take some more things up to K.L.,
and meanwhile enjoy my internet!!
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here's a summary (maybe not really a summary) on what happened in the past few days...
(Click

Friday, April 15, 2011


Give me a break!!
I'm sooo tired of packing!!!

Why am I packing??
Because I'm leaving....
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My CAT April intake in Sunway University starts on the 18th...
So I will be staying in KL starting from tomorrow...
Since the hostel is a bit way too expensive,
I will be staying with Joyee, two of her elder sisters, and some friends of her sisters...
We will be renting a house at Sea Park!!
So my fellow friends currently in KL,
let's meet up!!
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Back to packing...
There are more than I expected to be pack!!
Hopefully I will be done packing by tonight...
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By the way,
since I don't know whether there is internet connection in the house,
so I guess I won't be online or blogging for a while starting from tomorrow...
So bye-bye~
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

JPA Interview 2011...

You know what??
I am going to curse myself the whole night before i fall asleep and wake up to pack my bag the next morning...

So I went for my JPA interview this morning...
Reached UTeM around 11am...
Interview starts at 12.30pm...
8 candidates and 3 interviewers for my session...
Thank God I had Patricia with me because she got the same interview session as me...
Her talkative and 'crappy' personality lessen a lot my tension...

So the first thing the interviewer asked was self introduction...
We had to speak in BM...
When it was my turn,
 I said:
"Nama saya XXX... saya belajar di SMK XXX dari tingkatan 1 hingga ke tingkatan 5... Bapa saya seorang guru yang mengajar di SMK XXX... dia mempunyai pengalaman dalam kerjayanya sekurang-kurangnya XX tahun... Bapa saya menerima gaji mengikut Gred DGxx... Ibu saya pernah menjadi seorang pensyarah di Institut XXX..."
Interviewer: " Bagaimana you tahu bapa kamu menerima gaji mengikut gred DGxx?"
Me: " Bapa saya beritahu saya la..."
Interviewer: " Oh~ Saya ingat kamu pergi check bapa kamu punya gaji... Ok... Budak seterusnya..."
And the next person started talking!!!
I haven't say my mum is not working anymore!!!
And what a stupid person I'm for not saying that later!!!
My chance of getting the scholarship will be ruined just because of that!!
Because I wrote my mum as a housewife in a form and I even gave her resignation letter to proof it!!
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Stupid me!! Imbecile!! Idiot!!!
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After the self introduction,
we went into English session...
The interviewers started asking questions in English...

The interviewer asked a girl who wants to take medic: "Let's say you are short of medical equipments, a patient needs your treatment or else he or she will die, what will you do? What are your strategies?"

For Patricia who wants to take law, the interviewer asked: "What kind of personality traits you have to be a lawyer? Law is quite a vast course, which specific area in law will you choose?"

And for chemical engineering they asked: "How will you contribute to the society in the future when you get this course? If you are a manager of the chemical department of a factory, how will you ensure that the environment is protected or how to make your factory environmental friendly?"

As for me who chooses to be an accountant, I got a question like: "What personality traits do you have to be a good accountant? Where do you see yourself a few years later? Do you know anything about the big four accounting firm in the world?"

After that,
comes the discussion session...
The first question was "As a Malaysian studying abroad, you are going to play a role of a 'small ambassador'... How will you make your country proud or how will you be a good Malaysian abroad?"
Because most of us candidates don't talk much,
so only Patricia answered this question...
The next question was worse... "How do you improve the 1 Malaysia concept?"
Patricia answered it again,
followed by a Yok Bin student...
I only answered the first question later...
Which didn't help much I guess....

it's the candidates questioning session...
So we just asked them anything we want to know...
And that's the end...
It was 2pm already...

So I guess I basically flunk my whole interview....
And I'm pretty moody now...
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So that's all for today...
Going to get rid of my moodiness...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

疯狂火锅派对 3~



首先是到武吉巴汝 (Bukit Baru) 去载紫玮和慧欣。。。
之后又到武及波浪 (Bukit Beruang) 去载芷昀。。。
终于抵达在巴株安南 (Batu Berendam) 慧珊的家。。。

所以我和慧珊一起玩馬來播棋 (congkak)。。。
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和韩国综艺节目《Running Man》~
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吃得我肚子都胀起来了。。。Onion Head Emoticons 50
也一起看 Mr. J 频道。。。
我家的芒果很甜的哦!! >.<



疯狂火锅派对 1!! 

疯狂火锅派对 2!!


火锅!!! >.<

慧珊的生日当天~ 在魔力点子~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vista Kirana

I wanted to post this yesterday...
But I was too busy so I am posting this now after 12am... =.=
I need sufficient sleep for my busy day tomorrow,
so I am making this short and typing this in english instead of chinese...

Vista Kirana?
It's where my new house will be!!
My parents bought a new house at Bukit Katil area (I think)...
Because they are bored of this 20+ years old terrace house...

Today I fetched my parents to the office to pay the monthly installment...
So we went to have a look at our house which is under construction,
and a few other show houses...

My future house~

 Aerial view of Vista Kirana (Day & Night)

The master bedroom of the show house we went. Love the design~

Like this bedroom too~ >.<

I like these decorative lights~

That's all for today...
Good night people~
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hui Shan's Birthday~

Today's Hui Shan's birthday!!
So we went to celebrate at Mori Cafe~

we sort of tricked her out to give her a... 
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I was the one to phone her...
So I told her....
"Let's hang out at Mori Cafe to celebrate my *ahem*(something you shouldn't know)~"
And she actually got tricked quite easily~
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So this morning,
Vicky and Szlin went to buy a cake...
We agreed to meet up at Mori around 12.30pm...
By the time I reached after picking up Zhi Yun,
Hui Shan wasn't there yet...
Vicky and Szlin already put the cake in the shop...
So we waited in Szlin car for Hui Shan to come...
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Around 1pm,
Hui Shan finally came...
Zhi Yun and I went in the shop after her...
Vicky and Szlin lied to her saying that they were at MMU,
so they came in a little later...

We ordered or drinks and lunch as usual,
chatted as usual,
joked as usual...
After Hui Shan and I finished our lunch (only both of us ordered lunch),
Vicky went to the 'toilet'...
I got ready the video I edited last minute today...
When Vicky came out of the 'toilet',
she was holding the cake!!
And I played the video~

Do you know how shocked was Hui Shan??
She was like...Onion Head Emoticons 24
"I thought I was the first one who reached??"
"Where did that cake come from??"
Zhi Yun was surprised too...
Because Vicky and Szlin told us they did not buy a cake...
But I sort of figured out their plan so I wasn't so surprised by them...

After that,
we took photos,Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 120
Hui Shan blew off the candle flames,
We cut the cake...
The cake was a bit too hard...
Because the waiter put it into the freezer... =.=
In the end we asked the waiter to cut using a knife,
instead of using the plastic 'cake cutter'...

The cake was quite delicious~
It's called Chocolate Heaven...
But it's a little too sweet...
And I just had my lunch so I can't even finish the smallest slice... =.=

After our celebration,
we discussed where we would go next...
In the end I decided to come home,
while Vicky, Szlin and Hui Shan went to karaoke at Jetty again...
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The photos we took are with Szlin so I can't upload it now...
I will just show you this short video i edited...
Nothing special, though...


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wedding Dinner~

Last night,
my father and I attended a wedding dinner of his friend's daughter...

Around 7pm,
I drove out of the house with my dad at the front passenger seat...
Since it's a Saturday,
it's traffic jam everywhere in town!!
It took us more than 30 minutes to reach our destination!!
How frustrating!!
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Guess where was the dinner held??
It was in Holiday Inn!!
Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 3

I wasn't invited to the dinner...
I was there because a friend of my dad couldn't attend it...
So I got the chance to be substitute...
I have no regrets to go as an uninvited guest!!
Who knows I won't ever get the chance to attend such wonderful dinner??
I couldn't just miss this rare opportunity!!
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Do you know why I think this dinner was perfect?
Time for you to imagine being me in that gorgeous dinner!!

Imagine entering a ballroom with 836 square meters of pillar-less floor space,
6 metre high ceilings, 35 tables ready for the wedding,
a stage and 4 projectors displaying wedding pictures,
beautiful decorations with lighted candles...
Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 152

Before the bride and the groom enter the ballroom,
"Just The Way You Are" was played over and over again through the stereo system...
When the stars of the night entered the ballroom,
the lights are dimmed and spotlight was shone on the newly weds,
"Pachelbel Canon" was played by the live band...
When the first dish was being served,
they played 007 James Bond music...
throughout the dinner,
the live band played classical musics...
I love every music played that night!!
Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 84

The food was delicious!!
Especially the shark fin soup!!
Unlike those I ate at other wedding dinners,
this was really tasty and taste really great with vinegar!!
I should have ate a third bowl...
What a waste of the left overs... =(

The Straits Ballroom

Three projectors in front and one behind displaying wedding photos.

Five layers wedding cake!!

Congrats to Benjamin & Siew Wen!!

Instead of chocolates, they gave really cute key chains!!

That's all for today!!
Time to continue my Korean drama!!