Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Last Class of T1...

Today is the last day we having our T1 classes...
Actually we still have a exam driven course after our mock exam,
but not all of us are compulsory to go for the class,
because some of us are exempted from taking the paper in the finals,
including me...
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Since today is the last class,
Ms Fei Ling gave us a class test,
and 200 questions for homework as revision!!
Might not do all the questions since I need to practice for T2...

And there's a good news!!
Before the test,
I asked Ms Fei Ling to give me dark chocolate this time,
if I get 100 marks for the test...
I got 100 marks for the test!!
So I'm going to get 75% dark chocolate from Ms Fei Ling~
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There will be a test for T2 on Thursday...
Hopefully I can get higher marks this time,
since I get the same marks for the past two progress test...
I guess it's time for some improvement... =)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Just came back from the cinema~
I watched Jack Sparrow back in action with my family!!
It's not that bad and boring like what my classmates said...
In fact, I do like this movie~
And it's not really related to the previous films,
so there's no need to watch those previous movies to catch back... =)

Friday, May 27, 2011


That's right!!
Nothing tastes better than a large bowl of home-cooked seaweed soup~
Which means I'm home~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Treats from my lecturer, Ms Fei Ling,
for getting 100 marks in her paper (T1) during my progress test 2... =)

I actually had another 5 more of these Hershey's chocolate and a milk chocolate,
but I gave them to my classmates because I don't really like white chocolates and milk chocolates...
Hopefully Ms Fei Ling will give me a 75% dark chocolate,
if I ever get 100 marks in the mock exam!!
Do you think I can make it?? Hehehe~

thanks Ms Fei Ling!! For the chocolate!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


所以现在到时候用母语了吧。。。 =)

也和 Tristan 一起在图书馆温习功课。。。
还能和中学时期的朋友见面真的很开心的。。。 XD
第一次发短讯来祝爸爸“教师节快乐” (我爸爸是老师哦)。。。

本来想和 Joyee 一起到图书馆去温习课业。。。
因为怕病情恶化,结果 Joyee 自己去了。。。
倒霉死了。。。 =(



到目前为止都没少过90分。。。 ^^
还是家里最好!! >.<

最近还好吧~ =)

是不是很可爱?? ^^

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Weekend!!

13th May:
Around 3.15pm,
Vicky reached my house before we went to fetch Szlin,
I was the driver for the whole day...
The three of us went to Gogo KTV for karaoke again!!
We sang for 3 hours!!
I felt so contented after singing!!
Maybe I really love to sing?
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We went to Newton Food Court after our karaoke for dinner...
Since I can't eat anything spicy and fried food,
so I ate rice with ginseng chicken soup...

After our dinner,
we went to Szlin house to sleepover~
This was my first time having a sleepover at my friend's house!!

On the way to Szlin's house,
we met a police road block!!
This is the first time I met a road block while driving...
The policeman was taking a small torchlight and shining it into the car...
I guess I made a mistake by driving ahead before he gesture me to continue driving...
Maybe I should stop a little longer next time...
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We reached Szlin's house around 9.30pm...
I was the first one to bathe,
while bathing only I remembered I forgot to bring my toothbrush...
So Szlin gave me a travelling toothbrush...
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Before we went to bed,
Szlin printed some coupons to redeem free GSC movie tickets for tomorrow...
And we used facebook for a while...
At the same time,
I found out that the JPA Scholarship result was out!!
I couldn't access the website due to heavy traffic and Szlin's slow computer...
So I just gave up logging into the website and went to bed...
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14th May:
We intended to wake up around 8am,
but we were too tired so we slept till 9am...

Szlin agreed to be the driver today,
so I decided to drive my family car back home and go out by Szlin's car...
After our breakfast,
Vicky and I went back to my house first by my car,
to meet Zhi Yun who was coming to my house...

While Zhi Yun, Vicky and I was waiting for Szlin,
I tried to check my JPA result again...
The good news is,
I succeeded logging in to the website!!
And the bad news,
I got offered to UNITEN to study Foundation in Accounting...
So of course I turned down the offer!!
Guess I'm really not good enough to get a good scholarship offer...
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Around 10am,
Szlin reached my house,
and I rushed out after taking my jacket and refilling my water bottle...

We reached New Jusco around 10.30am,
and we found a really really long line of people,
queuing up to claim free movie tickets in front of the new cinema!!
Thanks to Sandra who reached there and started queuing up around 10am,
we got to claim our tickets almost immediately~

The movie we were going to watch was a cantonese movie,
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (单身男女)...
The movie will only start at 2.50pm,
So we actually wasted a lot of time just walking from shops to shops in Jusco...

The show was not bad,
especially when we watched for free!!
After the movie,
we went to eat satay celup before going to Jonker Walk...
I can't even remember when was the last time I ate satay celup before this!!
I think this was only my third time eating satay celup...

The problem is,
I'm not suppose to eat any spicy food...
But the gravy for satay celup is way too spicy!!
Even after I soaked it in a bowl of hot water after cooking the satay in the gravy,
I can still taste the spiciness!!
Thanks to those 6 sticks of satay celup,
I had a diarrhoea while I was at Jonker walk...
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What we did in Jonker Walk??
Well, as usual,
we walked and visited shops to shops,
just to see whether they have anything new and buy some food or drinks...
Since I didn't eat enough for dinner because the satay celup was too spicy,
I bought some dim-sum and 'mini bao' (迷你包) for supper,
Hui Shan ate Wan Tan Mee (云吞面)...

Around 9.15pm,
we decided to go home since we had enough of walking already...

This is my greatest weekend so far since I started studying in KL...
I rarely get the chance to hang out with my best friends,
so I'm going to treasure this outing very much!!
Hope we can get to go out again with all of us around!! =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Movie in TGV

It's been a long~ long~ time since I last watched movie in cinema!!
my classmates and I went to TGV in Sunway Pyramid to watch Fast & Furious 5!!

Honestly speaking,
this is my first time watching a PG18 movie in a cinema...
Because I am finally 18!!

The movie is great!!
Highly recommended!!
For 18 and above only!! =P
Because there're some rude words in the movie...

Had a really great time with my classmates!!
Thanks to those who organised this outing~

One of my classmate couldn't make it to the movie because of her driving test...
And she passed!!!
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Birthday & Mothers' Day Celebration!!

I'm back again!!!!!
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After my progress test yesterday,
Joyee and I came back to Melaka again!!
To celebrate Mothers' Day of course!!
And celebrate my belated birthday!!
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Around 8pm last night,
my family and I went to Pizza Hut for our dinner~
We ordered the Mothers' Day special pizza!

After that,
Wei Qi and Angeline came to my house,
just to celebrate my birthday and meet up...
We hadn't meet each other for at least 1 month since I went to KL...
My dad bought a chocolate cheese cake for both my birthday and Mothers' Day~
It was delicious!!
We took some photos too~
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After that,
we talk about my college life,
things that are happening around the world,
From Osama bin Laden to 2012...
Bla bla bla and bla~
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Around 12.30am,
Angeline went home,
Wei Qi slept over at my house again!!
We used the internet until 3am +...
Then we chit chat like old times until 4am...
The last time we did this was the night before our SPM result was announce...

The next morning,
I woke up and almost had a surprise to find Wei Qi by my side!!
I actually totally forgot she was sleeping on my bed!!
Must have slept too well~
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Here are some photos from last night~
Wishing every mothers Happy Mothers' Day!!
Especially my mum!!!
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My brother, Wei Qi, Angeline and me~

Look who's bullying me?!?! Bad brother!! >.<

A serious photo...

My family~ ^^

Peace~~ XD

My mum and I cutting the cake~

Birthday card and t-shirt from Angeline!!

Fruit tarts from Wei Qi~

I ate 3 of them as breakfast~ Yummy~

Thanks to Wei Qi and Angeline for the presents~ =)