Sunday, June 26, 2011

Carnival & Anthony Neely!!

I think I should have posted this picture on my blog before today...
To promote my school's Food and Fun Carnival!!
I mean my former high school, St. David...

The carnival was a blast even without me promoting it...
Anyway my blog won't help much I guess...
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After Hui Shan, Angeline and Zhi Yun reached my house around 10.30am,
I drove to school for this annual event~
It was AWESOME!!!
Cause I don't have any scout duty this time!!

Alright, alright!
That's only one of the reasons...
It's actually because I got to enjoy many activities today!!

I met up with my old friends~~

Watched my juniors present choral speaking!!
St. David got champion for Melaka District again this year!!
7 years in a row!! Can you believe it??

 Tried flying fox!!

Lye Ling Xin and I...

Sandra, Zhi Wei and I tried rock climbing!!

All set to climb~

It's my first time climbing this...
I think I did pretty well~ >.<

Went to support my brother's class ghost house...

One of the decoration outside the ghost house...
Sandra said its chest is big!! LOL~

Saw this MAMEE truck giving out free instant noodles~
Hui Shan said the 2nd guy on this truck is very funny! Haha~

Met my Physics teacher, Mr Tam!!

One of the class even thought of the Angry Bird game!!

Looks kind of fun...
But I didn't try it cause I don't like this game... =.=

More photos~

Of me~

And my friends~

After the carnival,
Hui Shan and I went to Mahkota Parade (MP)~
For this guy... Onion Head Emoticons 36

Anthony Neely!!
His promo tour was in MP~

Before the promo tour started,
we had our dinner at the food court....
Those are what was left after our dinner~

Then we went to the stage where the promo tour was held...
We watched from the top...

Because there was a really huge crowd below!!

When the super star arrived,
those fans went literally crazy!!

People started taking pics with their cameras, I-phones,
and even I-pads!! @.@

Christine even bought his album and got his autograph!!

Actually I'm not a fan of Anthony Neely...
But I do like some of his songs!!
he didn't sing the song I like the most during the promo tour... =(
this is one of my favourite song by Anthony Neely~
Hope you enjoy it~ =)

Did I told you he sings Chinese songs??
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This is an English song by him~
倪安东 is his Chinese name~

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I woke up at 8.45am today,
which is the earliest since my holiday started...
Just to go back to high school~
For what??
Because we miss the nasi lemak there!!
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Alright, that's not the main reason kay'...
We went back to St. David to complete Sandra's Coastline project questionnaire~
She is doing a survey to save wetland creatures!!
So why don't you guys help out too by doing the survey here!!
Your help is greatly appreciated!! =)

After the survey and chit-chats with our teachers in school,
we went to MMU (Multimedia University) to meet up with Vicky...
We ate our lunch at Din's Cafe in MMU...
Then we also met Zhi Wei, Zhi Yun, Szlin, Shyre May and Shu Mei!!
It's really nice to see some old friends...

After that,
we went to visit MMU hostel, Emerald Residence,
where Vicky's friend is staying...
The hostel rate is so cheap compared to Sunway!!
How I wish Sunway would be that cheap... =(
We watched some short videos Vicky and her friends made for their project...
It's so funny and hilarious...
I hope that my CAT course will have that kind of project too...
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After visiting Emerald Residence,
we went to another hostel of MMU, Ixora,
to have a look at the swimming pool...
The pool looks so inviting!!
If only Sandra, Vicky and I brought our clothes,
we would have just jump into the pool!!
So I suggested that we go back to the pool at Sunday,
before Sandra goes back to KL... =)

After soaking our legs for 1 hour at the pool,
we went to Mori Cafe to have a drink...
Sandra ordered coffee, Vicky ordered vanilla milk, I think,
and I ordered Pearl Tea again...
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Around 7pm,
I fetched Sandra back to her house before driving back home...
Did I mention I was the driver for the day? Haha~
I'm going out with my friends again on Saturday~
Can't wait!! >.<

P/S: Vicky please don't leave your books in my car again~ =P


After 6 months of hard work and patience...
I'm proud to present,

That's right!!
My cross stitch is finally done~
Will frame it up real soon...
Where should I hang it, hmm??
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Holidays commences!!!

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I know,
I'm going CRAZY~~~
Because this is my long awaited holiday!!

Finals for T2 is finally over!!
Just this afternoon actually...
And my marks??
94/100... =(
I'm not satisfied... =(
Khai Hoe (my classmate) actually got better than me!!
By 1 question!!
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At least it's over....
And it's actually my highest mark for my T2 paper... =)
So I'm going to treat myself,
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Can't wait to have some outings with my friends~
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mock Exam... =(


Just had my mock exam this morning...
How's my score??
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Maybe not so terrible...
I scored 94 for my T1 (dropped by 6 marks...T.T),
and 90 for my T2 (bye-bye to 2 marks)...
How can my grades dropped for both subject??
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Guess I need much much more revision...
Which reminds me,
I still have 630 questions of T2 to be completed before Tuesday... =(

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today is a free day for my family and I,
so we decided to play badminton!!
Instead of karaoke which my dad suggested...
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Around 4pm we headed off to SJK(C) Wen Hua...
Cause we are using the court there this time...
I really sweated a lot this time!!
Haven't had so much fun playing badminton with my family for 2 weeks~

I got hit by the shuttlecock,
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The first time was while my brother was passing the shuttlecock to the other side,
and it hit my head!!
It hurts!!
The second time was while playing,
my mum hit the shuttlecock right towards my teeth... =.=
Why am I always the unlucky one ah??
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I still had an enjoyable 'study week' with my family and friends...
(Yeah I know.. I'm supposed to study!!)
And I'm going back to KL tomorrow... =(
How I wish that I don't have to go back to KL...
Can someone just relocate Sunway College to Melaka??
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A Date with Hui Shan!!

Back in Melaka~!

And the one I got to hang out with is Hui Shan~
Because I went to her brother's girlfriend's saloon for a hair cut...
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So around 12.30pm yesterday,
I drove to her house to pick her up,
and gave her the keychain we promised to exchange,
and she gave me her cactus pot since her cactus died...
Then off we go to the saloon at Tasik Utama~

The Saloon name is Praff Hair Workshop,
and Hui Shan's brother's girlfriend is Peony...
She is a nice person~ =)

After waiting for some other customers,
Peony cut a 'bob head' for me...
Which my mum said it's weird,
and my brother said it makes me look like a kid... =.=
I don't really care bout my hair anyway...
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After the hair cut,
we went to Ayer Keroh Jusco to grab our lunch,
at Mc Donald's again!!
While having lunch,
we met Vicky's mum!!
At first only Vicky's brother saw us,
he told his mum he saw Szlin,
a friend of us that was suppose to be having class with Vicky during that time...
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So his mum immediately told hom he saw the wrong people!!
Then after they bought their McD's ice cream,
she finally saw us on the way out~
And she sat down next to us and we started chatting~
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After that,
I accompanied Hui Shan to Popular bookshop...
Hui Shan bought some revision books for STPM subjects,
while I bought a pen and highlighters...

I fetched Hui Shan home,
and helped her adjust her new printer,
which is the same model of my printer!!
And her sister cooked some nugget for us too!!
We printed so many photos of Hui Shan and her family while testing out the printer~

After I'm done with the printer and the nugget,
I bid them farewell...
Hui Shan's mother asked me to come back again any time...
No worries Hui Shan!!
I will definitely go back!!
Thanks for accompanying me the whole afternoon~
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Class of T2??

today is NOT the last class of T2 as stated in our timetable...
Because Ms Geetha haven't finish every chapters yet!! =(
We still need at least 1 class,
to cover up the chapters on computers and networking and.... etc...

Besides that,
we had a test today,
which what Ms Geetha called it progress test 3...
And I can't believe I made a very very IDIOTIC MISTAKE!!!
Which will cost me maybe 12 marks...
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There goes my streak of 90 marks or above... =(

What's more??
She gave us 808 questions to do in 1 week time!!
It's like taking 16 tests!!!
Guess this coming study week is really going to be a STUDY WEEK...

what can I say??
There's still room for improvement for me...
So time to take things DEAD SERIOUSLY...
Or I will be like what Ms Geetha said,
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