Sunday, July 29, 2012

"End Child Hunger" Walkathon

Organised by Sunway-TES Accountancy Club, sponsored by BDO, Sunway Lagoon, ICAEW and Sunway-TES. It's the "End Child Hunger" Walkathon held in Sunway University and Sunway Lagoon. The beneficiary of this charity event is none other than World Vision.

This morning, I woke up at 5:30am, just to join this walkathon. My friends and I went out at 6am and reached Sunway University by 6:15am. The registration was at 6:30am, and the walk started at 7am after Mr Teo, Executive Director of Sunway-TES gave his short speech.

We started from Sunway University's Graduates Centre, walk all the way to Elephant Walk, and then enter Sunway Lagoon. After touring one round in Sunway Lagoon, we came out from the same exit, and walk back to college.

It's my first time entering that water theme park. There is a mini-zoo in it!! Looks pretty cool, the sceneries are awesome too!! But the tickets are not cheap. For all participants of this event, we got 50% on the theme park ticket, RM50 for 5 parks and RM40 for 3 parks. However I didn't buy the ticket because none of my friends are going. Sighs. Oh well, I can't swim anyway. =/

Nevermind, at least I feel good after the walk. Yes, I sweat a lot!! The whole journey took us around 30 minutes only. Still, I sweat like crazy. And I'm happy because I made a donation, and supported a good cause. I hope that more children who're suffering from hunger can be saved through World Vision. God will surely bless them. =)

That's right!!
I've saved a life today.
Have you?? =)

Six Ethics Of Life!

Set these as your life long principles!!
May God be with you!! Amen!! =)

Source: Global Awareness 101

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dinner Of The Week~

I cooked my dinner!! Yes yes, I know it's nothing to be proud of... Anyway, this is my first time cooking vegetables on my own~ And one of those few times I cooked such a beautiful 'bullseye egg'. LOL~

Dish No. 1: The soup
Actually, it's Vono's Instant Mushroom Soup. =.= I don't have the time and ingredients to cook a proper soup, so I just cooked the instant soup with more water. I mean, too much water, until I have to add some starch powder as stabiliser... Added a little bit of salt and pepper to get some of the diluted flavour back. Probably will never cook this again.

Dish No. 2: The vegetables
First boil a pot of water, then put the vegetables in the boiling water for 10 seconds. It's my family way of cooking the vegetables so we don't use too much oil when we stir-fry it. And it's a success! Taste normal! =)

Dish No. 3: The egg
What's there to talk bout a normal fry egg?? Hahaha~

Dish No. 4: Instant noodles
I wanted to cook rice, but there's no more rice in the house. For people who seldom cook like me, buying 1kg of rice will eventually spoil the rice. It's a new product by Maggi, I think. The new 'Mi Goreng', with two new flavours: Cili Pedas and Kari Ori, is selling at a promotional price of RM3.20. But 99 Speedmart is selling it at RM2.95!! So I bought the Kari Ori flavour to have a try. Not bad!!

It took me 50 minutes to cook all these!! I need to improve myself in cooking. And as usual, what's left after dinner are these...

Oh well, the reason I cooked today was because of exams... Whenever I'm stressed, I will do something to release my stress, cooking for example. So I cook more often during exams period. =)

Tomorrow I will be going for a charity walk at college, the End Child Hunger Charity Walk, organised by Sunway-TES Accountancy Club, sponsored by Sunway Lagoon, Sunway-TES, BDO and ICAEW. The beneficiary of this charity event is World Vision. Those who're participating in this event get 50% discount on Sunway Lagoon Entrance ticket!! I've never been there before, but now I don't know whether I should buy the ticket or not, cause I don't have anyone who will accompany. Sighs. I'll ask some of my friends tomorrow.

Because the event registration starts at 6:30am, I have to wake up really early tomorrow. I already bought my breakfast, a Mocha Swiss Roll. =) So I'm going to sleep early tonight!! Good night people!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Next stop, Progress Tests 1!!

In a blink of an eye, my progress tests are just around the corner!! Next Monday!! And I've not started my revision. Sighs... Maybe I shouldn't be too active in CCA...

Yeah, I've been quite active in the NERF Club lately, since I've been 'promoted' to be the Secretary. Conducting weekly games, booking the venue, writing minutes, etc...
But I do enjoy what I'm doing!! It's really fun!! Especially after I've stopped joining any club since after Form 5. I miss those days back in high school...

Right now I'm in a small dilemma... To join Sunway-TES Accountancy Club or not? I wanted to join this club since last year, unfortunately I missed the due date to hand in the form. Right now, I'm already kind of busy with the things I need to do. So should I join the club this year??

I went back to Melaka last weekend. Sad to say I'm not going back this weekend, so that I can concentrate on my revision. I had sandwiches for lunch with my mum last Sunday!!

There's egg, chicken sandwiches, black pepper sanwiches, minced-dried shrimps, tomato and lettuce!!

Taste like Subway sandwich!! Only without BBQ sauce and onions... =/

My mum suggested this caption:
"Mummy and her big mouth~"

What I did on Tuesday night after NERF... =.=

Time to type a meeting minute for the this week's NERF game. See ya~ ;)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Inspiring Quotes #2

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thank You, Adidas & Sunway TES!!

At last!!
There's finally a Sunway T-shirt that I CAN WEAR!!
And it's FREE for all Sunway TES full time students!!

Sponsored by Adidas, the all new Sunway TES T-shirt was launched on Monday, 16 July 2012. The Sunway TES Accountancy Club had a really grand T-shirt launching ceremony in the campus. They really performed very well in the flash mob dances, considering that they only had 4 practices.

So once more, I would like to thank Adidas for this awesome T-shirt!! The smallest size suit me just right!! And thanks to Sunway TES for getting this free T-shirt for us!!

Adidas - Impossible is Nothing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

NERF @ Damansara

I should be doing my homework now... Nevermind, I can't wait to share to you guys bout my recent NERF games!!

I'm now officially the secretary for Sun-U NERF Club!! It was the AGM on last Tuesday for the July 2012 semester. Although we only had 8 players for our AGM and the first game of this semester, it doesn't mean this club is going to be liquidated or something!! I belief soon enough, the club will come back to life. All we need is more members, committees who really are committees, as in really committed, and permission from the college to use the college premises once more...

Sighs, looks like the EXCOs really need to get themselves together, many things to do, many problems to solve. One problem for clubs and associations in universities is that many students are not here for, say 4 or 5 years. They're in courses like CAT, AUSMAT, A-Levels, etc. which only last for a year or two. So the club members come and go, not many of them would stay in the club for long. I hope that the NERF club would stay long enough to leave a legacy!! Haha~

Last Saturday, I joined 30 other NERFers in the NERF Damansara weekly game in SS2. It was my first time having a game outside Sunway. Oh my, it was FUN!! The last time we had a game of 30 players was like months ago in Sunway!! I had a time of my life, running around with Sherman's modded Recon. Although I had a cut from falling down which might leave a scar, and my body still aches from the extreme sport, I really want to play a game like this again. Hopefully I can bring you there soon, Sandra. Trust me, it's a very good sport. Hmmm... Maybe I can make it this week, since I'm going back to Melaka on Saturday again. ;)

Oh well, time to get back to my homework!!
For those who are interested in NERF, and you're staying in the Petaling Jaya or Damansara area, here are the links to NERF Damansara's blog and Facebook page. Do come and join us for a splendid game and weekend!!

As for those who are in Sunway, do join the Sun-U NERF on Tuesday/Wednesday, check out the details on the Sun-U NERF Club's Facebook group!!

As for those who are interested in joining some large scale NERF events in Malaysia, do check out the NERF Malaysia website from time to time!!

I wish you all have a great week ahead!! =) Here are some pictures from last Saturday.
Pictures' source: [14/07/2012] Nerf Damansara @ SS2

Friday, July 13, 2012

IKEA, IPC, The Curve

After more than a year studying in PJ,
I've finally tasted the infamous, delicious IKEA MEATBALLS!!
And I think it's really tasty!!
Makes me think that life is worth living.
Mum, you're so wrong to say that those meatballs tasted horrible...

For the first time in my life,
I actually went for a proper shopping with my friend, Sandra!!
What I mean by proper shopping is "to look for anything you like and buy it",
not what I've done before this: "buy only when you need".

Since I have my mum's 'free consent' to buy anything I like at a reasonable price,
so I try to enjoy a "girls' hobby" for a while.
I really wanted to buy a pair of shoes,
but as usual, there's no sizes that fit my feet. Sighs.
In the end, I bought 2 T-shirts at the price of RM33.33,
and a skirt at RM35!!
I seldom wear skirts,
but I think a change in life is not bad??
Well, it's not a bad change, right??
There's no reason to resist a change that's not bad, right??

We also went to The Curve,
to buy something...
It's a secret for now...
*Hush! Hush!*   ;)

Yummy meatballs!!
And the coffee tasted not bad, without sugar and creamer.

New clothes!! =D
That was a great shopping, Sandra!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Inspiring Quotes #1

1. Do not be depressed for every 'yesterday', instead be happy for every 'today';
    as long you're living, there's still hope for you.

2. Do not be depressed for your failures, instead be happy for your perseverance;
    as long you put in your effort, you will not be shaken.

3. Do not be depressed for being poor, instead be happy for being safe and sound;
    as long you're contented, you will apperceive your past in a brighter perspective.

4. Do not be depressed for yourself, instead be happy for others;
    as long you do not stop giving others, you will be deeply satisfied.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tomorrow, Starts The 'Nightmare'!!

There goes my semester break.
So short!!
I wished I had a longer holiday.
Out of 4 programs on my holiday-to-do-list,
I've only done 3,
not enough time for that basket.
Sighs... *sobs*

My first class of ACCA will begin tomorrow.
I wonder how do the lecturers teach...
Is it as fun as CAT lecturers??
Or maybe the class will be boring,
since it's a really big class in a lecture theatre.

hope I survive this semester!!
And every semester to come!!

All the best to all my friends who're taking degree and STPM!! =)