Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This was the day before my FTX exam.
I was so bored of studying,
so I decided to cook porridge for lunch.

I think I put too much sausages,
there are plenty of sausages left,
after I finished the soup and the rice of the porridge.
But I think the taste wasn't bad for a first time!! =)

It was only me and my mum at home,
so I suggested we just eat bread with egg for lunch!

It's... Uhh...
Minced-hard-boiled egg with satay sauce!!
I think it's not bad,
my mum said it taste more satay and egg.

So, what's for lunch tomorrow eh?? >.<

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Semester Break: Less Than 2 Weeks!!

Finally those exams are over!!
After going through a busy-yet-lazy,
stomachache-ing, lifeless and aimless 3weeks of study,
I'm now back at home!!
I missed my bed!!
And the good food back here...
And my mum and dad...

It's been quite a hectic semester for me...
After 1year and 3months,
I've completed my CAT programme,
provided that I've passed all my papers...
The results will only be out in 2months time...
I hope that the stomachache didn't kill my Audit paper... =/

The next semester will soon start in the first week of July,
ACCA this time,
the legendary tough, lifeless course...
But I'm not really nervous, nor excited...
I think I'm really used to a life of exams,
even my holiday seems 'stressfully free',
because I have no grades to worry about,
no chapters that I should finish by this week,
and maybe, no expectations to fulfil...

Well then!!
Time to fill up these 'empty spaces' in my hols!!
Here's my checklist:
>>  Finish a book that I've always wanted to read for the past 6months,
       The Son Of Neptune!!
>>  Do some exercise!! Try jogging and yoga again!!
>>  Go for a camp with my neneks this weekend!! Buddies outing!!
       Oh my!! I miss camping very much!!
>>  And finish up that half-woven basket sitting in the corner of my room!!

I guess so far that's all I'm going to do this holiday...
And then,
the new battle shall commence with a new semester...
Maybe I should brace myself,
with greater confidence and discipline...