Sunday, August 12, 2012

Inspiring Quotes #4

Here are a few quotes which I would like to share with you all today!! =)

But the one that I would like to emphasise on, is this...

When I found this quote in my e-mail, immediately I start to remember a few opportunities opened to me, that I've missed in life...

That one-in-a-life-time free trip to Taman Negara with my friends in Form 5. I can't believe I missed this golden ticket to Taman Negara, just because of my of library duties as a Head Librarian!! Sometimes in life, we should not be too dutiful.

A camping trip to Broga Hill with my college mates. Thanks to my hesitation because not many of my friends were going, but it should not have bothered me since I love camping so much!!

A few Scouts' camps which I should have attend to get a King Scout status. I missed these camps because my mum has already bought the bus tickets to Singapore for a social visit, and she won't let me waste those tickets. Hence, there goes my dream of getting King Scout.

The chance to learn piano when I was little. Back then, piano lessons seemed to be 'scary' to me, I don't know why. Maybe because my parents asked me when I was not even ready, and I didn't even know what's it like learn piano. So as a kid, I said: "NO!! DON'T WANT!!!" Now I know, I want the skill to play at least one musical instrument very much, because I've come to love music.

Even the opportunity to help an elderly man in a wheelchair, who was putting all his strength to move himself in a shopping mall towards the toilet, when I was going to the toilet too. I only found out that man was going to the toilet when I came out of the female washroom, and I regret for not offering my help back then when my heart urge me to do so. Yes, this happened today when I was at The Curve. And I'm ashamed of myself for ignoring this chance the Lord gave me to do good to others.

So people out there, whenever you feel like you have a need to do something, or when your heart urge you to do something, that will bring good to others and to yourself, do not hesitate. When you know you love something very much, which is not a negative thing in life, go get it!! You never know what you've missed back then, until you really lost it.

Yes, it's like losing your love ones. Sometimes you'll never know you truly love them, until they're gone. So do appreciate everything you have, because some things in life will never come back after it disappeared.

Blessed and Blissful Sunday!

For a long time, I've been searching for a church to attend in Petaling Jaya area since I became a Christian. I just couldn't find one, until today!!

A thousand thanks to my neighbour, Aunty Jenny, who found out that I'm a Christian and invited me to her church for Sunday worship!! All the members of the Full Gospel Assembly Gospel Hall in PJ are really friendly. The FGA PJ Gospel Hall had their weekly services in Chinese language, which I've never experienced before since I've only attended Gateway's English services. But trying to understand the Words of God and worshipping the Lord in my mother tongue is not much of a problem to me. Thank God, because I can understand Chinese, although there are a few words which I don't understand while giving praises to the Lord.

Praise to the Lord!! For He has strengthen my faith, by guiding me to the House of God, even when I'm away from home!! =)

After the service, I went to Ikea with my dear friend, Sandra. Yes, with Sandra, at Ikea, again!! I guess you can say we really love those meatballs~♥ And then we went shopping again at IPC!! I wanted to buy a pair of flats... No, I need a pair of flats!! I'm out of shoes to wear in KL, and I've never had a pair of flats before. Unfortunately, the same old reason is still there to stop me from buying nice shoes... THE SIZE OF MY FEET!! Why can't I find any flats with size 3 at a reasonable price?? Must I really go to the kids department next time?? In the end, Sandra bought quite a nice pair of flats at a good price, and I bought nothing... *Sobs*

After shopping, we went to The Curve to get the McDonald's Chicken Foldover. Just by showing them the McDonald's coupon, we get to 'buy 1 free 1' a la carte Chicken Foldover! It's kind of worth it since the normal price is RM9.10 including tax. And it tasted great too, because it has onions and the chicken was grilled, not deep fried!! I would say it tasted much better than McChicken!! The 'buy 1 free 1' deal will only last till 15th of August, you can get it just by showing the coupon, through photocopied or even on your phone!! That's what I did, saving the coupon on my phone and we got one free Foldover. So don't miss out the deal!! =)

After we got our dinner, we went hunting for a cafe in The Curve. It's called Tenshi no Cafe. However, our search was in vain!! Because I only came to know of that cafe from a friend, I don't know the exact location!! And because we're out of time since the 6:30pm shuttle bus will be leaving soon, we didn't get to have a look at the cafe. I'm so going to get the exact location from my friend, and we shall try to find that cafe again!! It's not that we're interested in this maid cafe (Did I mention this earlier?), it's just that we've never seen one before and we would like to visit one or have a look at it, just for fun and out of curiosity. What's life if we don't check out something 'abnormal' to us, right?? ;)

So, in conclusion (Sounds like I'm writing a Physics experiment report), today was a really great day, filled with joy and blessings from the Lord. Thank you, Lord for such a wonderful day!! Hallelujah!! Thank you, Jesus!! Amen!! =)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

CAT June 2012 Results


Finally, the long awaited results are out. And I'm very satisfied with my marks!! 84% for Audit!! I've finally got over the 80% threshold for this paper!! And 95% for Tax!! Yayyy~~!!! =D

However, I too got my progress tests results for my ACCA F4, Law paper today. A very pathetic 58% for law. As for ACCA F6, Taxation, it's only 71.5%. Sighs... Looks like there is no room for me to celebrate my CAT results, there's only room for improvement. *sobs* =(

Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspiring Quotes #3

My mum sent me this through e-mail, probably to cheer me up because I'm feeling down lately. I'm afraid, and my parents are afraid too, that I will fail my exams.

It's been a long time since I actually have a feeling that exams are this tough. I mean, after high school I've done really well, I should say sufficiently well, in the programme I chose, which is CAT. ACCA seems to be something totally different. I can do well even if I don't study hard in CAT, just have to study smart. But in ACCA, looks like there will be no gain without hard and smart work.

Time to change my life style. Like, completely. Time, to make a difference.