Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vista Kirana

I wanted to post this yesterday...
But I was too busy so I am posting this now after 12am... =.=
I need sufficient sleep for my busy day tomorrow,
so I am making this short and typing this in english instead of chinese...

Vista Kirana?
It's where my new house will be!!
My parents bought a new house at Bukit Katil area (I think)...
Because they are bored of this 20+ years old terrace house...

Today I fetched my parents to the office to pay the monthly installment...
So we went to have a look at our house which is under construction,
and a few other show houses...

My future house~

 Aerial view of Vista Kirana (Day & Night)

The master bedroom of the show house we went. Love the design~

Like this bedroom too~ >.<

I like these decorative lights~

That's all for today...
Good night people~
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